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As the speed of innovation and globalization increases, the number of new ethical, social and regulatory challenges organizations face is accelerating.  Whether by growth and expansion or by increasing government and social activism, businesses are being exposed to a complex web of regulations and the varying interests of better networked and informed communities.  For the inadequately prepared these challenges raise the spectre of litigation, front page splashes and consumer boycotts.

However, we believe these challenges present opportunities as well as risks and that the best organizations can use them to their advantage.  These organizations are recognisable by their ability to understand the challenges they face, their positive profile in the debate of issues and the effectiveness and efficiency with which they adapt their in response.  This is what we call “Good Business”.

The purpose of this blog is to explore this idea of “Good Business” further, to discuss the evidence for it, to examine some of the changes that make it necessary and to look at good and bad practice.

The authors of this blog are consultants at i2a


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